Emblem production and products in plastic relief made for textile, show and furtiture industry

SZR “Mali Globus” has been working in surrounding area from 1990 as emblem manufacturer with relief plastic applications and provided it’s product to textile, shoe and furniture industry.

Our products in relieved plastics have a wide variety of applications: as an emblem for emphasis of reputation and image of your product, badge for various uniforms, as a badge, various textile product or a simple label for protection of your product.

Product characteristics

Simple use

For patching, embroidery or made with adhesive

Clear and visible


On various physical. chemical and atmospheric influences.

Our company is also providing production of various type of negatives, offsets and stamps: for foil print, leather stamp – both chemical or machining way.

With yours or our logo design and with our technology your high reputation and protection of brand can be TRUTHFUL AND REAL. Our expertise is cemented with long-time experience and huge number of satisfied customers in private and public sectors

Relief plastic, embroidery, woven and sublimation emblem production

Relief plastic emblems

Embroidery emblems

Woven emblems

Sublimation emblems

Uniform hat, cap and accessories production

Curtain strap, sublimation strap, decorative and industrial strap and label production

Curtain straps

Tri-color and decorative strap, labels and ribbons

Industrial straps

Satin straps, labels and ribbons

Textile accessories, gimp ribbon, decorative scarf and aiguillette production

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